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Leonardo 2019 is a university-wide initiative aimed at highlighting interdisciplinary studies to honor the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci. The goal for the initiative was to inspire a spirit of collaboration across disciplines that will hopefully outlast 2019 and continue to generate innovation and excitement on the UF campus. Leonardo 2019 took place at the University of Florida and covered the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters for the academic school year. 

Collaboration with Olivia Bowman


Proposed banner and window cling


Proposed banner installation

| research |

Primary Research:

1| Surveys

We surveyed a range of students on the University of Florida campus in order to gain insight into effective locations for Leonardo 2019 touch points. 

Sample Questions:

What is your college/major?

What much time per day do you spend on campus?

In what building do you take most of the classes related to your major?

2| Interview

We interviewed Anthony Kolenic, Assistant Dean of Research, Technology and Administrative Affairs at the School of the Arts. He was able to provide us with a clear vision for the initiative and its deliverables.


Secondary Research:

1| Competitive Audit

We found existing interdisciplinary initiatives and programs that are looking to accomplish similar goals.

S.T.E.A.M Intelligence Design Science Symposium:

A three day symposium that partners the Rhode Island School of Design with Synergetics Collaborative, an organization that educates and supports research of the many facets of Synergetics, its methods, and principles.

2| Visual Research

We looked at data visualizations as large sources of inspiration for Leonardo 2019. We also looked to interdisciplinary companies and initiatives to see how they were visually communicating the ideas of collaboration and innovation.


Research Conclusions:

Through our primary and secondary research, we were able to draw conclusions and create goals for how to best visually communicate Leonardo 2019's mission + vision.

The data we gathered through our survey led us to the decision that advertising on campus in public spaces as well as a select number of individual colleges would be the best approach for increasing our reach. We also found that it would be important to appeal to student with and without an arts background because a large portion of students who participate in interdisciplinary curriculum have a focus in math, science, or engineering.


Goal 1: Provide Awareness and Accessibility

Build awareness for Leonardo 2019 on campus and provide access to information and resources regarding events, exhibits, and curricular connections

Goal 2: Incite Curiosity

Encourage students to research more about the initiative and develop a sense of excitement surrounding Leonardo 2019's offerings and opportunities

Goal 3: Encourage Participation

Position Leonardo 2019 in students' minds as an inclusive and interactive initiative focused on interdisciplinary studies and collaboration

| visual identity |

Design Concept:

Build a engaging system that immerses users in a multidimensional experience

Captures Leonardo 2019's values of collaboration and connection

Reach a large demographic of students with varying backgrounds and interests

Design Rationale:

The prismatic design visually represents the multi-faceted elements that make up Leonardo 2019. To communicate the impact of multidisciplinary learning, various facets of the prisms are used as vehicles for color and light. This helps the user visualize the importance of each individual piece that contributes to the larger picture, summarzing Leonardo's mission to unite students through innovation and exploration. 


Color Palette

Prism motif

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